30 Day “Get Moving” Challenge – Week 1 of Sprints

4 days into May's one month obstacle and I'm certainly feeling the impact of refraining from doing cardio for nearly 7 months. In this week # 1 upgrade, I share a combination of anguish and optimism.

Throughout the month, I'll track my biometric information (resting heart rate, high blood pressure, weight, body fat%, and so on) as well as anecdotal observations of my efficiency and state of mind. At the end of 30 days, I'll decide if the benefits exceeded the effort.

Levels Health article on high strength exercise and blood sugar:

The Withings products I use to measure myself:
Blood pressure cuff:
Sleep mat:

I'm dedicated 2022 to putting myself in the very best shape I have actually ever remained in. To that end, I'll be acting of 1 month obstacles. After one month, I will examine if the benefits require making these into life-long changes.

Over the next 12 months, I will be tackling my physical health, emotional/spiritual wellness, and my creativity/mental capacity, one month at a time. You are welcome to participate or simply delicately observe. For those signing up with, the comments section will be where we provide one another support and share our outcomes. There will be NO JUDGEMENT.

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30 Day "Get Moving" Challenge – Week 1 of Sprints

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  1. I tried walking and then sprinting, then walking… I hate running. This was when we were all shutdown and I couldn’t go to the gym. I really like my workout routine, so will be continuing what I’m doing. I went on a 1.4 mi hike in Yosemite, all up. The last .3 miles were steps (600). I made it to approx 300 then called it quits. Think I should start including the stair climber at the gym 🥴.

  2. Wow, thank you for gutting it out and pushing through! It’s both humbling and inspiring.

  3. Yeah, you’re THAT important Steve☺️. The recipes, advice and encouragement are THAT important to those of us that are alone on this journey and truly need it. Thank you so much.

  4. That cold air hitting the lungs HURTS!! I lived in Utah for a long time and trying to exercise outside was difficult most days. I too have to issue with the outside muscle on my shin hurting bad whenever I try to run or walk at a fast pace. I look forward to seeing what you find as a good stretch. My husband used to coach soccer and he told me to hang my heels off a step, like ball of foot on ledge then relax and let gravity pull your heel down, and it seemed to help.

  5. “I promised you all that I was going to do this to myself.”

    I nearly cried laughing. 😂

  6. Dude, that is so crazy! I had the SAME EXACT pain! The inner thighs! I spent two hours in the yard for my day 1, cleaning up all the stuff from winter, so sticks, possible garbage from the road (we’re a corner lot in the country with no sidewalks), rocks, anything that would impede my husband when he mows the grass. So much walking and squatting, I think I hit 12,000 steps and my inner thighs were BURNING! I didn’t drink any BCAA’s because I was fasting and I didn’t want to break my fast early. 🙄 What an idiot. The pain lingered for me for 2 additional days and I only did walking and this kind of sitting in a squat stretch for 60 seconds multiple times throughout the day (I couldn’t handle more than 60 seconds, lol). You’re definitely onto something with the 6-7 months of no cardio due to winter, because I did the same thing! Hopefully week 2 goes smoother for us! lol Have a great day, Steve! ❤

  7. So I’m originally from Minnesota, most of my life in Maryland, but now live in Florida for the past 6 years. And let me tell you, you really do acclimate to the weather. I try to get out and walk every day for 1hr+ but the days where it is in the 60s I am out with sweat pants and a Hoodie. Of course I have also lost 85 lbs so I get colder easier but yeah Steve, 32 degrees and in that clothing, no thanks sir! However I do remember the old feeling of satisfaction and relief when MN finally gets into the 30s and 40s (in June lol)

  8. Have a new Fitbit Sense so my challenge for this month is no less than 10K steps per day and no less than 10 flights of stairs per day. Started out at a work conference in FL at the end of April and challenged myself to take the stairs to my room on the 14th floor at least one time per day. Was so happy to find I could do it! My weight training has not been for naught. 💪🏻😊 celebrating that my keto journey is keeping my bone on bone knee situation stable enough to put off surgery until I’m older. Every stair is a celebration of the amazing healing the right food can promote in my body! I still have 60+ lbs to lose. 🥰~Steph

  9. way to go ! I have started doing stair sprints at the local stadium to improve cardio. Only once a week tho lol 8x takes 45 seconds each

  10. I started doing the weekly routine from Hybrid Calisthenics on Monday, with added step sprints here in my house. The crazy Ohio weather was too much for me so I am just doing this inside for now. I want to add a long walk when the sun comes back out…maybe next week

  11. Thanks for your inspiration! For my May challenge, I’m just trying to get some movement in every day, alternating walking, strength training, and yoga. Highly recommend Penetrex for joint and muscle pain.

  12. Ok! I can’t believe the difference after one round with that expand a lung. I woke up with a terrible headache probably allergies. After one round with that weird device and the stares in my car as I drive down the highway, My headache is gone and I feel like I just did an aerobic workout. This thing is awesome. I have an hour and a half commute to work and it’s just gonna be part of my day from now on thank you so much. Yeah I agree you are that important keep up the good work. And thank you very much for everything you do. My too small pants just became too big! Additionally, the knees over toes Has pretty well solved my knee pain and I’m going surfing next week! I’m a little less scared to put the wetsuit on and have a photo.❤️❤️😂💪

  13. For me the break of dawn is the most special part of the day, everything quiet and calm and still for the most part!🌅

    1. I like being the only one out at that time. Kinda crazy how loud the interstate traffic is at that time (about 1 mile from my house). Probably because there’s no other ambient noise to cover it up, outside of the birds.

  14. Good going! 👍 Amazing that the body can so quickly adapt to fast recovery when you are doing these high intensity challenges. No wonder HIIT is gaining such popularity. 😊

  15. The funny part is with mine is that I eat my two meals go on my 10 minute walk. Never fails that my wife will say try this (we ordered some keto treats and Amazon is shipping like one a day for some odd reason) and then I am back out for another walk. It has added to the laughter among us at this point. Keep up the good work Steve

  16. I know that the knees over toes split squats kicked my butt the other day. I can still feel it and it made sprints painful yesterday. The good news is that he body will adjust and become stronger.

  17. Wow, great job pushing yourself!! That is very motivating for myself to get out and get moving. Thank you!! Also, I may make my challenge to get up early. That was a good reminder of all that you can do in the morning.
    And I agree, yes you are that important!

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