30 Day “Get Moving” Challenge Kickoff 2022

This is the kickoff for May's one month challenge, which for me, is doing everyday sprints and strolling. In this video, I'll share my reason and my master plan.

Throughout the month, I'll track my biometric information (resting heart rate, high blood pressure, weight, body fat%, etc) in addition to anecdotal observations of my productivity and state of mind. At the end of thirty days, I'll choose if the benefits surpassed the effort.

Can't Injured Me by David Goggins:
Hardcore obscenity variation:
" Clean" variation:

The Withings products I utilize to measure myself:
Blood pressure cuff:
Sleep mat:

I'm dedicated 2022 to putting myself in the very best shape I have actually ever been in. To that end, I'll be doing a number of 30 day obstacles. After 30 days, I will assess if the benefits require making these into life-long changes.

Over the next 12 months, I will be tackling my physical health, emotional/spiritual wellness, and my creativity/mental capacity, thirty days at a time. You are welcome to take part or just delicately observe. For those joining, the comments area will be where we offer one another assistance and share our outcomes. There will be NO JUDGEMENT.

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30 Day "Get Moving" Challenge Kickoff

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  1. Just started doing some strength training so I will hop into this Challenge and try to track the progress going forward. Thanks Steve

  2. First, thanks for the recommendation for “Can’t Hurt Me”. I was surprised to find there was no wait list at the online library, so I have it checked out.
    On the subject of extended fasting, I’m on day 10 of a fast. My plan is to go to day 14, and then switch to bone broth for another 14 days. I’ve bones on the stove now. As you can imagine, having a new book to read will be helpful with my extended fast.
    I certainly would NEVER call you a wuss for not wanting to go out in sub-freezing temps. Good luck with your monthly challenge.

    1. I’ve been told that the audio book for “Can’t Hurt Me” is great. At the end of each chapter, the narrator of the book interviews David Goggins. I haven’t bought that version because, as I said in this video, I have enough books in my Audible queue to last me a couple of years.

  3. Thanks Steve – I just ordered the book through your link. I’ve been doing at least 5000 steps a day, but for May will bump up to 7500. (I’d like to get to 10,000 a day but that is around 1hr 40min a day – need to figure out how to fit that in). You are a big inspiration to me, and to so many others. Good luck with May!

  4. LOL, loved your imitation of the 6 million dollar man! For a start this next month my husband and I will start going for afternoon walks and see where I go from there. I’m definitely starting back up with the weight training at out brand spanking new YMCA that recently opened near me! As always, thanks for the inspiration to improve.

  5. Morning Steve, I am 57 and have enjoyed running in the past. I liked Can’t Hurt Me too, but by the end the level of masochism was a little disturbing. Can I just offer a suggestion -that you fast walk at least 15 minutes before you sprint? As we age, our muscles are much easier to tear if they aren’t fully warmed up. Thanks for always inspiring us to do better!!

    1. Excellent advice. My husband tore his hamstring going into a sprint on a chilly morning. NOT WORTH IT!

  6. Yikes — I’m a runner (age 56) who came to the sport late (age 42), and I learned the hard way in past years (a) not to start with a stretch, before muscles are warmed up, and (b) not to sprint at the beginning of a workout for the same reason. That would be a recipe for a strain of some kind for me. Be careful with it, and good luck!

  7. I’m working on strength training. I feel that as we age we lose muscle mass and I want to slow that if not reverse it. Not to mention a little extra muscle mass burns more calories. Love Can’t hurt me. Read it twice. When it comes down to it if we are not constantly trying to improve ourselves we will digress. I applaud you for the continued improvement.

  8. I feel you on the morning temperatures, I’m in the mountains of Pennsylvania, lol. I wanted to start walking again and I keep waiting for the nighttime low temp to be above freezing myself. There’s a trail with 4 loops in the woods behind my house and the loops all sit at varying inclines and last summer I worked my way up to getting through all 4 loops and then worked on my timing and getting faster at it. I’ll have to start over probably as well, but I feel it’s a good measurement of progress. So I will definitely be joining you on this challenge. I might throw in some of my weight training as well. It just feels easier to work out when it’s not the dead of winter, lol. Good luck on the sprints! Hope you have a great day!

  9. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Loved the audiobook of “Can’t hurt me” (lots of bonus material with Goggins’ podcast commentary)

    My own fitness resolution is to sweat everyday (exercising between 20 and 60 minutes)

    Walking up and down stairs, Burpee push-ups, jumping jacks, squats, and pull-ups are good “excuse free” sweat-inducing indoor or outdoor daily activities.

  10. This is very timely. I’m 72 and just made it to 2500 steps a day walking the dog 4 times a day. May 1 I will be starting keto, goal, type 2 diabetes.

  11. I’m in! Weight lifting to restore lost muscle mass (67 yr old female), walking/hiking, beach stair climbs. At my age it will take far longer than 1 month to see results but this is for lifetime!🥰

  12. I’m totally in agreement with the below freezing mornings. We have warmer mornings here in WV now, but I have such a difficult time getting up to head to the Y for swimming during the winter months… and it’s an indoor pool! I want to restart the Couch to 5k program again, so I might do that. During the lockdown I did a walking challenge of 3 miles a day, probably won’t do that just yet. Mine will be some type of walking challenge.

  13. I love this challenge! I normally go to the gym every morning Monday through Friday. I think I would enjoy joining you for the challenge for the month of May. I would like to challenge myself to also get to the gym on Saturday or Sunday… Maybe both days if I’m feeling spunky!

  14. I love all of your challenges! Reading Can’t Hurt Me was a game changer in my life. I’m definitely going to participate in this challenge with you in May and I’m stoked!

  15. I’ve got the Low Carb Cruise coming up, so I will have a lot of movement already built in to get ready and go on my first real vacation in over a decade. Looking forward to it! 🚢

  16. Great challenge, Steve! I have Can’t Hurt Me on Audible! The format different than book. You hear the writer/ reader & Goggins give more insights. Great book!
    I’m new to your channel, I restarted keto in February.
    I like the idea of a challenge. For May, I’ll go the gym everyday for a short, but complete full body weight routine.

  17. No monthly goals, but I’m plugging away at my fitness goal for the year of biking and fast walking (My walking pace is 4 mph). Like you, the biking part is well behind because of the cold weather – even here in MD, but I’m getting there. (I also skied 10 times this winter and have now kayaked twice too, but they aren’t part of the challenge). I need to do 500 miles of each this year. So far I’m a 163/500 for walking and 42/500 for biking, but in my defense, my first biking event wasn’t until April 13th)

    Loose skin is just part of the effects of years (decades) of being significantly overweight. I now weigh 85 pounds less than I used to weigh. And I have swingy arms and a bunch of loose skin on my belly, but it’s the scars of where I used to be and I just need to accept it and be happy that it is all “deflated”. It can be hard to look at my gut and feel that the weight I am now is “OK”. I can definitely lose more and I hope to lose about 15 more pounds, but that’s it for me. My weight has been holding steady all winter which is a rarity for me because I deal with seasonal affective disorder, so I “should” be able to lose that last 15 in the next few months.

    But fitness is the goal is my goal. I too am in my 50s (52) and I just want to feel like I can do anything with my body – hiking, biking, kayaking, skiing – stuff I want to be able to do well into my old age.

  18. I started my ‘athleticism’ with something stupid easy (5 squats a push-ups a day lol), and just Got It Done. And I felt accomplished! As I slowly got bored with it & more seemed easy, I increased it. So I think for May I’m going to increase from 3 sets of 15 squats/push-ups/etc per day to 3 sets of 20.
    Baby steps add up!

  19. Never thought I would add a comment to a video of this type, but here goes. I am 80 years old, closer to 81 than not. The past two years have been spent dealing with one prescription of antibiotics!! My gut was wrecked. It is slowly coming back online and I will keep working on beating out the bad guys. Physically I became a wreck from non-use of every moving part. I found you and liked your data driven channel. I am coming along for the ride in May. I don’t know quite yet how I am going to participate, but anything will be an improvement. Six years ago I could throw around 40 lb. sacks of soil when I worked at a garden center. I want some of that back. Thank you for waking up my motivation.

  20. Thanks, Steve! I’m 63, and have found that exercise or just moving has helped tremendously in so many ways. My joints can’t take sprinting or running, and I still have some weight to lose, so it’s water exercises at the gym for me, which is quite a workout. I’ve been going regularly since December, and I can’t tell you how they’ve changed my life. So much more energy, strength and balance! I’ll be excited to see your progress over the month!

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