14 MORE Low Carb Tortillas Reviewed – Surprising Glucose Results!

This is part three of the most detailed evaluation I've ever done. In this part, I evaluate all of the tortillas asked for by audiences of the first two part and test my glucose response utilizing a Dexcom G6 continuous glucose display and the Levels Health software application.

In overall, I evaluate 14 tortillas, a number of which are "online just". I was genuinely shocked by a number of the glucose testing results. I also found that there was a consistent factor in which tortillas trigger me swelling (pain in my knuckles and knees).

0:00 Introduction
0:44 La Bandarita Carbohydrate Counter Street Tacos
2:58 Hero tortillas
5:42 Hero once again
6:37 Mama Lupes
10:26 A la Madre
12:50 Xtreme Wellness – 2 more flavors
15:32 La Tortilla Factory flour tortilla
18:51 Amazing Bites
21:17 Cut da Carbohydrate
23:28 Mr. Tortilla – 4 flavors
28:32 Summary

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14 MORE Reviewed – Surprising Glucose Results!

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  1. Looking at the spreadsheet I used to track total carbs, net carbs, quality of ingredients, taste and glucose response, I made an interesting observation: Though almost all of the tortillas contained wheat products, the only ones that caused me inflammation (pain and stiffness in my knuckles and knees) contained soybean oil or canola oil.

    For a tortilla to move on to video #4 in this series, where I will test the tortillas in “real life” situations, such as how well they hold ingredients and if they will fry up, it need to have a reasonable glucose response, not cause me inflammation, and taste okay. If you find that you do not experience inflammation from heavily processed oils, then I would say that Hero brand could be a good tortilla for you. For me, it is not.

    When I release part 4 of this series (likely in October), I’ll will also include a link to my spreadsheet with all of my measurements, macros, and observations.

    1. Good Morning Steve,
      Hope U & the Family Enjoyed the Holiday.
      I too Suffer from knee inflammation, my daughter has the hand and upper right Arm pain.
      Thanks for the Info IT IS 👍 😀 more important to All of Us than U realize maybe.
      I have been down for a week and missed your videos because I tried to “test” a Few things out. 🙃 😅 Not so good for me. I don’t think everyone else is as Silly as I am to test The way you do without the Correct info or equipment. hahaha you 🤣 😂 See I probably would’ve benefited from one of those ” Warnings” DONT TRY THIS AT HOME ?? LOL
      Thanks Again
      LV. Kris

    2. This is pretty awesome! I love your thorough analysis! Can’t wait to see your spreadsheet! Thank you also for taking one (and I use that term loosely!) for the team! You da man, Steve!

    3. Thank you so much Steve for doing this for all of us and for being our Guinea pig. Sorry that you are getting inflammatory effects and painful joints. You are amazing and I love watching you as you bring us such valueable information and knowledge. See you in October

  2. What an awesome review. In my small town, selection is limited. But I do buy the Xtreme and La Bandarita street tacos. I’m so pleased that they were rated so high as I, too, agree with you …they are very tasty. I can hardly wait for part 4. Keto On, my friend!

  3. Hey Steve I can agree on the La Bandarita street tacos this is what we eat here at my house I’m the only diabetic here but it never spikes my glucose… so we all eat them wrapped around hot dogs, with egg salad and even cheese melted on it LOL

  4. THANK YOU Steve, I love this series of tests. So useful and it seems nobody else does this so it should attract lots of viewers to your channel over time. I am glad that I was confirmed again with my goto wraps. But I was shocked that you tested my (I thought a secret discovery in my Grocery Outlet Freezer isle. The Extraordinary bites. They were so nicely cheap. $1.99 for a pack. Off the list now. Too good to be true.
    I guess I will buy a pack of the Mr. Tortilla now and see. If you pack them, the taste is not important.
    Again thank you for doing this for all of us.

  5. Steve, I can’t thank you enough for doing these tortilla comparisons. I know it is difficult and costly as well. I’m looking forward to part IV. On another related topic, I enjoyed the crackers you made with the Joseph’s lavash. I found out they make a pita bread called “Heart Friendly” with 6 gm net carbs that was awesome. 😋 The only downfall is that it does contain soy products.

  6. This was a fun journey, excited to see the thrilling conclusion to the tortilla series 🤩

    Also will any of your homemade tortillas be making an appearance? I think that would be an interesting comparison

  7. You are a much more dedicated person than I. If I had done everything you have in this series so far I wouldn’t go near a tortilla for months, maybe years! Thank you!

    1. That’s why the next video in this series won’t be until October. I never thought I could be sick of tortillas, but I am. Fortunately, I shouldn’t have to deal with inflammation in part 4.

  8. Thank you for this video! I just started Ketoish/low carb and No sugar. I’ve lost 15 lbs over the last 6 weeks. I’m a prep cook in the prepared foods department for a large northeast grocery chain. We carry a couple of low carb tortillas brands and the one is ok flavor wise. I use them sparingly. This is hopefully the final leg in my long weight loss journey. Originally I topped out at 314 lbs. lost almost 100 about 12 years ago. Managed to keep most of it off. Having several surgeries over the last few years I usually put on about 20 lbs. The good news is as soon as I go back to work it all comes back off but I couldn’t seem to get lower than the 220lb mark. I decided I wanted to get rid of bread( definitely a problem for me especially if I eat it regularly). I decided I wanted to lose 20 lbs before my shoulder replacement surgery scheduled for the 27th of October. I think that I may pass that goal which would also take me over my other goal of breaking the 200 lb barrier 😊. I am so stoked and am loving eating this way. If I stall I will revisit the whole macro thing. But a at this point I was overwhelmed with it all and am ridiculously busy.

  9. Thanks for giving us the content we really want… sometimes I get very overwhelmed by all the low carb/keto products .. these videos help a lot

  10. Thank you Steve. Much appreciated you doing this for us. One thing I find interesting is your emphasis on the taste. I personally don’t care that much about the taste (as long as it’s not abhorrent) because I’m just using these as a vehicle for the main thing I’m eating.

    Looking forward to part 4. Thanks again.

    1. Taste is kind of important to me, as I expect to use some of these in recipes. I don’t want to eat something that tastes unpleasant.

  11. This is the most extensive “review” ever, and it is so appreciated! I try to buy Ole’ whenever I’m making fajitas or whatever, and have personally found it to be the best of the available options around me. I had been tempted to order Mr. Tortilla and now I won’t bother. 🙂

  12. We use La Bandarita in my household. Everyone loves them. I was so hoping a corn tortilla would make the grade, as I miss them so much. I can’t wait to see part 4. Thanks Steve!

  13. Thanks Steve! I’ve been wanting to narrow down low carb tortillas and didn’t want to have to test all that! You’re my hero!! Lol..
    Btw the cut da carb makes the best fried foods like crab Rangoon, egg rolls etc. The keto twins have videos with those recipes.

  14. Thank you for doing the research and testing! La Tortilla Factory has become my go to when I crave tortillas, so I was very happy to see your review and results! I’m looking forward to your next video for sure…👍🏼😋

  15. Hi Steve,
    Thank you for today’s video and coincidentally I was having Mr. Tortillas in my breakfast spinach flavor. Then I saw your review afterwards. I am glad you did include Mr. tortillas in your review because I was hesitant about them since I am on keto and was always using Unbun tortillas but for some weird reason those tortillas are always sold out. I was very sad for not being able to find unbun tortillas any longer then I stumbled upon your first and second tortillas reviews and that was an eye opening to me. I shifted gears after hearing your review on unbun tortillas and was even happier that I was not missing much. I purchased mr. tortillas and it does the job fairly good and will try the Ones you recommended. All in all the influence on blood glucose is what we should target. I have already met my weight goals so Keto is now for my health not for my weight any more.

    Truly thank you.

  16. You rock, Steve! Thank you so much for doing this. I also had a really bad response to A La Madre (over 40 points!), which really bummed me out. The whole family loves them fried as chips. I have a lot of them in my freezer because I was buying them in bulk to save on shipping! I bought them because I saw another YouTuber (can’t remember his name) tested them on himself and had a stable response, whereas the Cut da Carbs were bad for him. So, it’s truly a YMMV thing. But now that I’ve seen your Cut da Carb response I might try them as spring roll wrappers. Apparently they work decently.

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