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  1. Even if he didn’t play guitar, he’s a fabulous entertainer. Why doesn’t he have his own theatre on the Las Vegas strip? Somebody’s missing a bet.

  2. Tom is a definitely a great player.
    I’d like to know which song he plays there too 🙂
    Maybe he wrote it himself…no idea

  3. It’s really cool how he refers to Merle with all the respect of a mentor…there’s no denying Thom’s abilities….amazing.

  4. just saw Bresh at the Inishowen International Guitar Festival in Ireland! He tore it up!

  5. Thom,
    I remember you from Chatsworth High School. The trio you had with Rusty Rutledge and Tom Mitchel was one of the best sounding musical groups I ever heard. Your concepts of comping and solos helped produce a perfect sound that I have not heard to this day. By the way, I am the guitarist who played the finger style version of “John Henry” in the school talent show. If you can get ahold of a 1966 Chatsworth High School year book there is a full size picture of me.

    1. Tom is doing a workshop and evening concert for our Advanced Acoustic Guitar Group next week, here in The Villages. Looking forward to it đź‘Ť

  6. “World Class” Player & Entertainer ! Even TE salutes this dude……In fact, he’d admit in a heartbeat that these are the type of cats(Thom Cats) that he studied, borrowed & stole from.

  7. *”Hangin’ With The Girls I Know……”* is Thom’s personal masterpiece. Great GoingThom !!!

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