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  1. I’ve seen plenty of ppl who are still on atkins and still have managed there weight. On any diet if you stray you will gain weight. I again am on it and I doing it for my health and back injury. I feel that I will succeed this time because I’ve learned from my eating mistake.

    1. @miskit Isn’t Atkins a low carb high fat diet? I eat a whole foods plant based diet. It is high carb, low fat, vegan. So I think our eating plans are very different. I have an old neck injury and was in a lot of pain. I did a lot of research and I found out that a vegan diet can reduce inflammation and pain. It worked for me, so that is what I do. I wish you all the best!

    2. It’s like any other diet, you need to just get back on it the next day if you stray. It’s nice to me knowing I can enjoy going to a restaurant, party, or family potluck, just not go overboard and pick the healthier of my options, and get right back on Atkins the next day. I’ve managed my weight for 7 years now after losing 120 pounds, and when I’m in weight maintenance, people can’t even tell I’m on a diet. I can’t either, this far out it’s just become my food preference because my underlying medical conditions have improved also. I feel better, and that makes it even more worth it. Best of luck with your back injury and overall health 🤗

    3. @petmom ful I’m on the induction phase of Atkins, I live with a vegetarian. Dinner tomorrow is marinated tofu with steamed broccoli. The bulk of the diet is actually nutrient dense vegetables. Later phases you can have legumes, lentils, and beans. You should look up recipes from the actual Atkins website to see exactly how versatile it is. It’s definitely not just bacon, steak, cheese, smothered in butter. A lot of us would not find that sustainable. Dr Atkins has another lecture here on YouTube about how the vegetables he promotes like asparagus and leafy greens are more nutrient dense than a fruit like an apple. Nutrient dense berries are part of this diet. He wanted people to be healthy.

    4. @Jessica H I am not into Atkins. I am into the Starch Solution by Dr. John McDougall. It works for me. I don’t eat any animal products, so Atkins is not for me.

  2. “What’s not to love!” Lol, I’ve been low carbing for two years, and I can tell you, there is nothing better than the cheat day when you eat pasta and cheesecake! Seriously, the diet works, but it certainly will leave you wanting on occasion!

    1. @Starchivore23 no, that’s what we are addicted to. Carbs light up the pleasure zone in our brain and we crave more. Nothing to do with what our bodies need. It’s an addiction, just look around you! The food companies have known this for years.

    2. Have you found an okay low carb cheesecake recipe? I’ve made a few that use ground nuts in the crust instead of graham crackers or cookies. The filling: cream cheese, eggs, sour cream, some vanilla, and the sweetener of your choice. Everything but the sugar in the filling is already low carb. I think it’s one of the easiest desserts to modify to make low carb so you can stay on target.

  3. It worked well for me. First tried it in 2003 and loss 30lbs on it. I also did 5 miles a day on treadmill. Glad something actually worked.

    1. Meeks I lost 60 lbs in the late 70s on Atkins . He was a genius. He was a cardiologist and noted the progress on his heart patients. Great diet if you do it properly.

  4. lol, in 2017 everybody has invented a keto, low-carb, paleo, cave man, basically…..Atkins. lol   He is more famous now than ever before.  It works 😉

    1. @Goz keto his 1972 book in the first chapter said it was a ketogenic diet. He explained ketosis, differentiating it from diabetic ketoacidosis. He talked about buying “KetoStix” to check for “ketones” in the urine. He talked about how you always want to be in “ketosis” by looking for purple on the urine sticks. Definitely a keto diet.

  5. He wasn’t a bully, they were always attacking him. It must have been infuriating to have so many successful patients and then have textbook food pyramid nutritionists and ignorant media attacking you constantly.

    1. Ppl only get attacked when what they are saying is truth. Rip dr ..
      Or hi if ur having fun on your island hehe;)

  6. I was already thin when one day all of a sudden I started to have itchy rashes all over my body, I went to a doctor for allergies, he told me to eliminate foods till I found out what I was intoxicating me, he said to start off with fruit, but I don’t eat fruit, so I started off with eliminating carbs, anything that had wheat like pasta, pizza, bread etc I am italian and pasta was part of our diet. to make a long story short I was doing the atkins diet without knowing it at the time, I never eliminated fats like olive oil on my salads, cheese etc as I said I was already thin, but by eliminating carbs the rashes went away and I lost so much weight that I was skinny, even too skinny, it took me 1 year to get fully detoxed. after that no more rashes, I gradually started eating normally again. I never knew anything about atkins diet at the time.I expected to get rid of the rashes I never thought I would also loose a lot of weight.

  7. Lots to consider in health, foods and looking confident and live longer and better. Thx Dr. Atkins for the recipes ad education of healthy eating

  8. I’m a carnivore and I now have zero inflammation & zero pain and I don’t crave junky carbage! lost and kept off 20 lbs fired my doctor because she saw my sugar go up and she never mentioned it, she want me to eventually get on metformin and then to insulin, and I stopped seeing her went on the carnivore woe lost 20 lbs and I feel so much better! Doctors only want to treat symptoms. Pill pushers some of them!

  9. Atkins worked for me. I was on Induction for a few months, and I lost 40 in the first month after getting into ketosis. That weight loss was also with me eating 2 atkins bars a day! If I wanted seconds, then I felt free to get them. I can see why this amazing man had so much trouble with his contemporaries; simple: This way of eating WORKS!

  10. I always knew he was right. The doctors quick weight loss diet worked. If I started eating carbs back came the weight. At 69 I continue to eat the Atkins low carb diet. Its called paleo or keto now, but Atkins championed it. God bless brilliant brave doctors.

  11. I wonder if all the water retention he got in the hospital was because they had him on an iv with glucose, driving insulin levels high. (insulin tells kidneys to hold onto salt and results in water retention).

  12. 4:56 ” We don’t know what’s gonna happen long term following the Atkins diet”. True but we DO know what’s gonna happen following the official food pyramid recommendations…. So she suggests we should follow the classic food recommendations which are proven to be a disaster????…nice argument

  13. I am 63 and essentially have been carnivore for a year. Atkins is a hero, but I am puzzled he looked every day of 70 or however old he is in this. I am often mistaken for early 40s. I wonder if really followed his own diet very closely.

  14. I was overweight, and had bariatric surgery. I worked with the dietician at my surgeon’s office for about 2 years. Their recommended diet is almost identical to the Atkins diet. The only difference is a little more lean protein, a little less fat, because with our altered anatomy, we do not absorb protein as well. I feel like my surgeon and my dietician actually wanted me to be well and lose weight. I went from taking 13 medications a day to 8. I’ve kept my 120 pound weight loss off for 7 years, even eventually adding in whole grains and fruit. I only regained when I was on high dose steroids and went sedentary this past fall because of illness. So now, back on Atkins, and 5 days in, I’m already feeling symptoms of my chronic illnesses improve (like my asthma and arthritis). This diet is anti-inflammatory besides helping you lose extra weight, and the later phases are very easy to live on for the rest of your life.

    I have found that there are doctors who will happily write you a prescription and send you for multiple unnecessary tests. And then there are doctors who want you to feel better and be well. The ones who wanted me to be well spent more time with me, and all recommended nutrition changes including cutting back on sugars and carbohydrates. Doctors from a psychiatrist, to a surgeon, to my OBGYN, so not only ones dealing specifically with obesity. Not saying that I don’t need medications, I do, but most doctors are not trained in nutrition. Diet and nutrition can get you further than a medication alone. It takes more one on one time with a patient to fix their eating, writing a prescription takes a 5 minute appointment. It’s obvious which route our for profit healthcare system will choose, but this is not in the best interest of the well-being of their patients.

    After hearing Dr. Atkins speak many times, I have a feeling that he was one of the doctors who actually wanted to see his patients get well.

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