Keto Diet vs. Atkins Diet: What are the Differences? Thomas DeLauer 2022

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Keto Diet vs. : What are the Distinctions?

Classic/Traditional vs Modified/Mainstream (4:1 vs 2:1).

The timeless keto diet consists of a ratio in grams of fat to nonfat (protein and ) of 4:1 and 3:1 – now popular keto diet plan is slightly modified and consists of ratios of 2:1 and 1:1.
* 90% fats, 10% protein, less than 1% *.

The issue with this diet for anything other than medical use is apparent: protein consumption is very low, which isn't optimal as proteins are the main foundation of the body. They're utilized to construct tissues like muscle, tendon, organ, and skin, in addition to numerous other molecules important to life such as hormones, enzymes, and different brain chemicals. It has been found that a ketogenic state can still be kept with a boost in protein and a slight bump in carbs. The kind of ketogenic diets popular today are usually high-protein variations of the initial – Protein recommendations can vary, ranging from 20 – 30% of day-to-day calories, however carb intake is set to 50 grams or less daily, with the rest of your calories originating from dietary fat.

and Disease Treatment:.
The ketogenic diet is well established as therapy for numerous illness states and ought to be considered first-line therapy in glucose transporter type 1 and pyruvate dehydrogenase shortage. The ketogenic diet appears effective in other metabolic conditions, consisting of phosphofructokinase deficiency and glycogenosis type V (McArdle illness). It appears to work in these disorders by offering an alternative fuel source. A growing body of literature suggests the ketogenic diet might be advantageous in particular neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's illness, Parkinson's illness, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. In these disorders, the ketogenic diet plan appears to be neuroprotective, promoting boosted mitochondrial function and rescuing adenosine triphosphate production. Dietary treatment is a promising intervention for cancer, considered that it might target the relative ineffectiveness of tumors in utilizing ketone bodies as an alternative fuel source.

Epilepsy Study:.
A study published in the journal The Lancet Neurology, in 2008, showed the effectiveness of the ketogenic diet plan in children. In 145 kids, aged 2 to 16 years of ages, who had at least daily seizures and had actually stopped working to respond to at least 2 antiepileptic drugs for 3 months, the mean percentage of standard seizures was significantly lower in the diet group than in the control group (62% vs 137%, 75% reduction) Twenty-eight children (38%) in the diet plan group had greater than 50% seizure decreases compared to 4 (6%) controls, and 5 children (7%) in the diet plan group had greater than 90% seizure reductions compared with no controls.


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Keto Diet vs. : What are the Differences?

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  1. Started Atkins (again) Jan 1 and after doing the two week induction with under 20 g  carbs I found videos on the keto diets and realized I was doing keto so I continued with keto and still on it. After I hit my target weight I do around 30+ carbs. My mojo is rarely over 1.0 with most around 0.7 so I’m probably around 2/3 to 1. It ran 1.5 to 3.2 when I was into weight loss but I was into butter, ghee, coconut and MCT oil plus more avocados plus lots of nitrite free bacon. It’s not hard for me to know the difference as I was on Atkins when he was still running his company back when and I couldn’t maintain it. Lose a bunch in four or five months and it took about two years to gain it all back and that was the best diet of the time as far as I am concerned. Previous to Atkins I did the HCLF diets and I gained it back before the holidays of the same year.. The difference with keto and Atkins or other diets? Cravings is the difference people,  no question about it.  I’m about 5lbs over my Army discharge weight in 1963, It’s obvious why I like keto.

  2. Thank you!!! I need to focus on getting myself to benefit from true ketogenic nutrition. I started with a high amount of fats but somehow ended up with higher amounts of protein than what I started with. I don’t have that keto “high” the I used to get. I miss it. Thank you for this video and reinforcing the true keto lifestyle

  3. I was diagnosed with Stage 3C Triple Negative Breast Cancer in August 2015. It had spread to 18 lymph nodes. My Oncologist recommended a Healthy Keto diet, with IF, to me. I did 20 weeks chemo, surgery and radiation. I also have been doing keto with IF. As of last February, I am No Evidence of Disease. I know that it isn’t just because of the keto/IF, but I do think it is contributing to the whole picture.

  4. So informative! I really appreciate the science behind ketosis, I am 33lbs down (husband is 83lbs down!!) since January 3rd 2018. We came across your videos around Christmas and were at our highest weights and lowest self esteems! We had no idea what the heck “KETO” even was and your knowledge empowered us to try something new and BOY is it affective!! Thank you for these amazing videos and such a comprehensive overview of how it all works. Big fans!

    1. Well, we were at our wits end feeling very bad physically & mentally. We made a pact to just try cutting the crap out for 1 month to see how we would do, to “get back on track” and I searched ‘Low Carb Recipes’ in YouTube and his videos were the first to come up. I can’t remember exactly which ones we watched first, because we watched about 10 in a row, I feel like you should just watch anyone that intrigues you by the photo or title, whatever gets you interested. We had never even HEARD of keto! So we decided to try it 100% after watching those 10 videos, and we haven’t stopped since January 3rd! My advice for a beginner is IT GETS EASIER, you just have to keep going!

    2. I’m down 20lbs since June. Do you also do the intermittent fasting?? Just wondering because my weight loss is slowing down and I might incorporate that in as well.

  5. Ive watched a lot of your videos and I really resonate with this one. Great video!

    I get bagged on at my workplace (I work at a gym) for being such a big fan of the ketogenic diet and I agree that most people are just not well educated on the topic.

    Thanks a lot, now I have a great resource to send them to!

  6. Well said. Timing for this video couldn’t be more perfect. My husband and I were in a huge debate about it earlier today. Thank you for your content. I’ve learned so much from your videos.

  7. I am 66 yrs. I honestly don’t fully understand keto, but I did do IF and lost 20 pounds. I’ve reached a plateau, mainly because I have to start exercising more. I slowed down for a bit. Thank you Thomas. I have learned alot from watching you.

  8. Thomas, you’ve done a ton of great videos. Like, for real. But, check this out, this may actually be the best one yet. So informative. I even said to myself while taking notes, “holy smokes, I’m learning so much right now.” You’ve truly changed my life. You’re the man! Thank you for your passion.

  9. I’ve been doing 80+% fat 15% protein and less than 5% carbs for 7 months I feel great my workouts are amazing I feel 20 years younger in just this short time I’m staying this way I don’t feel the need to go back to higher carbs but my question to you Thomas is do you go in and out of carb burning and if so why? Thanks you videos are always amazing thanks

  10. Great info! My cancer surgeon confirmed the 10:1 glucose receptor when I asked about it.
    I survived the stage 3 rectal CA, and now I know what to do if it comes back… not chemo.

  11. I had a brain aneurysm rupture in November of 2015. The doctors told me I wouldn’t experience any additional recovery after 2 years. I started a strict ketogenic diet in January of this year. I haven’t had this much clarity since November of 2015. I want to do this forever 💙

  12. Excellent video, Thomas. Thank You for the information.I also lost my Dad to cancer. I sure wish I knew then what I know now, but as it is I apply this information to myself and others in the hopes that we can all be happy and healthy going forward. Thanks again.

  13. Would love a full day of eating episode Thomas! Could we get one of those at some point? Thanks man! Keep up the great work!

    1. I agree with this. I am on adkins and after watching several of these videos realize that I am taking in too much protein. However, I’m not sure what to eat. I”m not sure if Tom is drinking coconut oil through a straw or what. Any video would be awesome!

  14. This has been one of my favorite videos so far. Very informative. When you compare two or three different diets from a scientific perspective everything seems to make more sense. Thanks Thomas!

  15. Thank you for this video Thomas I lost both my parents to cancer I’m doing the sbsp program and I’m really enjoying it. The support group is second to none. Thanks for all you and your team do, to making people live longer happier healthier lifestyles. 🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️

  16. I’ve been doing the ketogenic diet for around 7months now and can’t be happier not only I’m doing it to lose weight but also it’s really helping with my epilepsy

  17. Great video. I have a few questions:

    When you talk about the FAT to Protein ratio, is that ratio is in grams or calories?

    Also, lets say that you are on a restricted diet to lose weight. 1,200 calories for example. Is it more important to keep the minimum protein requirement (0.8g per lean body mass) or the 3:1 or 4:1 ratio?

    1. Definitely, he’s totally convinced me to start keto/Carnivore. I’ve been watching him for three weeks following his directions and I’m already down 12 pounds and I feel so much healthier. Best decision I’ve ever made!!! Thanks Thomas he’s so intelligent and a total hunk. 🤗

  18. Thanks for the awesome content! I’m a recent subscriber and have been binge watching your videos for a couple of days! Already noticing the difference your advice is making.
    Just wanted to repeat a question from below:
    Is the 3:1/4:1 fat to protein ratio in cals or grams?

    Also would be interested to see a video about breaking through fat loss plateaus on IF/Keto.
    Thanks again

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