Dr. Westman – The New Atkins for A New You 2022

Dr Westman, author of the new book – A Brand-new for a New You appeared on the Lifetime Channel Program the Balancing Act to discuss how plan works and the improvement to the program included in the New Book.

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Dr. Westman – The New Atkins for A New You

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  1. *chuckles more*

    Dr. Atkins was far more than a “registered dietitian”. He was a Doctor treating real patients with real health conditions and getting real results.

    He was no parrot chanting the latest mainstream fad nutrition advice.

    Beyond that, low carb diets have been around for many decades, Doctor Atkins just happened to get his name attached to it in the effort to share the info with the public.

    I guess they don’t teach history in “registered dietitian” school.

  2. @LeeFoxRox Good luck to you, and when you actually learn something besides Dr. Atkins’ history and his book, let me know and Ill try to help you. I know you’ll just keep believing their statements and won’t listen, but hey is a free country. “It is hard to fill a cup which is already full”.

  3. justlegal21, it is one of the standards of common law.

    You made the accusation. The burden of proof is on you.

    People Do Not get headaches from being in ketosis.

    People Do Not experience more fatigue while in ketosis.

    People Do Not burn protein for blood glucose while in ketosis.

    Nothing that you say is backed up by any evidence, anecdotal, or otherwise.

  4. Wtf is up with all those previous comments. I think some people need to accept differences of opinion.

  5. No — no sugar or refined flower ever. You can have stevia, and some people eventually have some honey or agave, but sugar spikes the blood too quickly.

  6. My son has pancreatic problems. How will this diet work with his having to be super careful of fat in his diet. He uses coconut oil for frying. (He has been drinking sweet tea and sugar in his coffee for a few years now, but has not used sugar at all for 3 days now.) A few years ago his weight ballooned up to 268 lbs from his 180 lbs. He has lost some weight, about 35 lbs. but has a very large belly that just hasn’t come down at all.

  7. This isnt anything new. Atkins nvr said eat only (bacon or steak)…that was News Media hype. New Media created the bacon misconception.

    Atkins has always used fruits in thier plans. Granted some fruits are lower in carbs than others.

    Atkins also (many years ago) published a book for Low Carb vegetarians. Yep…all fruits & veggies. No meat @ all đŸ˜±Gasp.

    I suggest one reads the books for REAL low down on Atkins.

  8. Westman keeps rehashing all of this to cash in on yet another book. His next book: The New New Atkins for A New New You (New!)

  9. I’m on Atkings but I’m not losing the weight… for the first time when I eating my low carb high fat I’m having problems digesting… please help

    1. Gillian Parkinson read 80 10 10 watch what the health if you dont want to go raw then read the strach solutions, search “ellen fisher” and stick with healthy abundant food, start meditating, go vegan, love your body and respect it

  10. Thank you Dr. Westland in educating new Atkinew meals and improved foods to eat to live healthier too.

  11. Can this diet be adapted by type I diabetics? I would like to lose about 15-20 pounds. I have been eating about 30 grams of healthy carbs per meal and I find it has been keeping my blood sugar in excellent control.

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