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    1. Not hard if you meal plan and prep your butt off. If you have foods snacks and stuff planned you will blow through it fine but not prepared its so easy to cheat …just because of sheer bad habits and not having to normally check carbs!

    2. +Beverly Ward Phase 1 is almost unnoticeable if you cut out high sugar foods like drinks, sweets, cakes and chocolates before you start the diet.

    1. +Pit Bull Wilson within the first two weeks every time I have been on induction I drop weight fast. Usually between 10-15 pounds…but that is my specific experience.

  1. I’ve done the Atkins diet three times out of my life.. Each time I lose 10 lbs every time.. But there’s a point in time where I’ll stop loesing weight .. I can never get past 10lbs why is that?

    1. +Heather Lynch I’ve been doing it for a while like I said and it’s to the point I eat no carbs at all! Just meat veggies and salads.. I may have some carbs from my creamer in my coffee but that’s it. I may eat carbs twice a week.. I manage it to a T.. That’s why I’m trying to figure out why the scale stopped moving. I notice tho those who have 40+ lbs or more will drop up to 20+ or 40+ lbs but I’m not really big.. I’m 5’6 and weigh 143lbs I did this again to lose baby weight.. I was at 160lbs so maybe bc I don’t have much fat that’s why it stopped.. I wanted to get to 135lbs

    2. First of all, you’re not overly over weighted, so you cannot lose fat as fast as other people. Second, at this point, you should stop atkins and start a high protein and high carb diet and start doing some exercises. Remember, the lighter you are, the less calories you burn.

      If you exercise at least 3 times a week, here’s what you need to eat:
      143 grams of protein (572 calories)
      71 grams of fat (639 calories)
      78 grams of carbs (311 calories)

      With this diet, you’ll lose approximately 1 pound of pure fat a week.
      Also, each time you lose one pound, remove : 2 gram of protein, 2 grams of fat and 3 grams of carbs of your diet.

      Hope this helped you!

    3. +Mick Vaillancourt (mimick25987) wow thank you… I was starting to think maybe I had no more fat for my hight to lose.. But when you said start a high protein and high carb diet.. I gotta admit my eyes widened lol I have been doing no carbs for 5 months now, so my brain is trained to look out for them and to avoid them lol.. And your sure this won’t put weight back on me adding carbs back in the mix? And as you said.. I was thinking if I worked out I could probably lose another 5 lbs but that’s why I did Atkins I’m not the type to like to sweat.. When I did Atkins b4 I plateau and stopped and started eating carbs again but I never gained the weight back.. Most ppl say it’s a waist of a diet bc once u start carbs again u gain it all back .. But this doesn’t happen to me.. So a high protein and high carb diet means basically chicken and rice? Type of meals??

    4. Yes but GRADUALLY start to consume carbs back. Like add 5g of carbs a day to your actual diet. You gain weight when you completely stop checking the carbs. It is really not recommended to do the atkins and exercises because it can cause heart injuries. So by doing sports 3x a week (at least one hour) will help you.
      The atkins is a sloppy somewhat lazy diet, ’cause you don’t need to do sports at all. Although, if you do the high carb diet high protein diet,you ABSOLUTELY need to do exercises.

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