Atkins induction phase meals for a week 2022

Here is a look at all the goodies that you can eat throughout the stage. I take a number of hours one day a week to shop and cook do the remainder of the week. I package and freeze (if necessary) so that they will be prepared to go. Most of these recipes can be discovered on the website or on
I'm on a journey to lose some weight and am delighted that is not as frightening or significantly limiting as I originally believed. Please feel free to leave a comment. Please no nasty comment (in particular in concerns to my pronunciation of salmon, lol!).

Atkins phase for a week

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  1. Hi Sara! Love the video, Thank You for making this! How did it go for you? I started induction yesterday. 🙂

  2. That’s what I love about Atkins, you can see nobody’s starving on it. I agree about that artificial sweetener, the stuff is poison, you might switch to stevia based sweeteners. Also that seems like allot of cream for induction. Either way, good luck, I lost 80 lbs on it and it was very painless. Those that criticize should really do their research first.

    1. Loud Harley Great job. How long did it take you? Im just about to get started. Need to loose the same, 80lbs.

  3. really like that cheesecake idea! I forgot all about that w/o the crust, great idea, nice video thanks

  4. Looks pretty good. I don’t like to eat cheese because it stalls me out real bad. I probably wouldnt eat those cheese cake things either. I try not to get too fancy because I spend my whole life eating and eating and eating and getting fat, and im so done with that. Good foods though for people if they can be careful. I think some people think that they can just eat all they want on this, and thats just simply not true. The idea is that you’re blood sugar stays low, so you don’t get a ravenous appetite. good vid.

  5. another great sweet tooth calmer for me was sugar free jello …. and I would add whipped cream on top too lol

    1. +Maribel Martinez That’s my daily snack. Plus it’s very cost efficient. Mine was like $1 per pack of 4. 
      5 calories, no carbs. Love it

    2. +Maribel Martinez one my co worker told me about this. I make sugar free jello and then mix in some heavy whipping and it taste like ice cream and with the orange jello, it tastes like an orange creamsicle…delicious

    3. I freeze it in Popsicle molds more than anything. but I have always loved slushies and freezies so it’s a great replacement for me☺

  6. I don’t recommend eating Atkins bars or really anything from the franchise. the old school Atkins diet would’ve forbade it. they stall your weight loss and they’re just not very good for you. It’s best to keep it fresh and stay away from the packaged foods.

    1. I agree I lost and kept off over 100 pounds and I don’t even do “net” carbs I do it old school

    2. the Atkins bars are for MAINTENANCE purposes, not for induction or continuing weight loss…read the diet book!

  7. i went on the original 1972 induction, for one week i ate two small salads a day made up of leafy greens, cucumbers and radishes and some kind of meat, and for breakfast, i had either bacon and eggs or sausage this was all you were allowed, then you added other vegetables, i stayed on week one for a month and lost 40 pounds, you must be on the new atkins for a new you, which is not atkins, atkins went bankrupt in 2005 after dr atkins passed away ibn 2003, the company that owns the name also owns carvel ice cream and cinnebon, if you want to really do atkins,get one of the diet revolution books actually written by dr atkins

    1. This is intriguing and I have so many questions but it’s 5 years later! I did Atkins in 2000. The original book. My acupuncturist said stop eating sugar and junky carbs and eat more protein and veggies. My parents just happened to start Atkins so I got the book. Lost weight in first 2 weeks. I don’t have a lot to lose. Well, I feel like I do but you know what I mean. After a couple of weeks I felt calmer, more grounded. Satiated. Not craving and binging sugar. But then I relapsed on my sons birthday cake thinking I could handle it and that was 20 years ago! What dressing did you use? Only those few items? No hard boiled eggs or bacon? Also it’s very interesting Atkins was bought out by a high sugar company. We know they want to keep us hooked 😆 hopefully someone sees this. I started today. Bacon and eggs, Coffe with heaving whipping cream. Trying to stay away from any kind of sweetener cus I was to eliminate the craving for sugar, period. So freaking weird I saw this comment today cus I had a bizarre dream (aren’t they all?) that my aunt was saying just have two salads a day with a little protein.taking this as a sign 🤷‍♀️

    2. @jessenia Dechert it should be in the original Atkins book. I have the old original too, I believe.

    3. @Lesley Nelson oh I don’t have the book. I just kinda researched this a few day ago because I need to lose twelve pounds by the end of April

  8. Thanks for your good video and good tips. I have a question though. Why eat turkey bacon when you’re eating high fat everything else? I love real bacon and then with the sausage you made. Ground turkey with pork instead of ground beef with pork? I don’t understand why people eat this way when it’s low carb, high fat. Just wanting to know why.

  9. Recipes for Turnip Fries, Spaghetti Squash with mushrooms and turkey, and the mini-cheesecakes; these can get me through the Thanksgiving and possibly the Christmas holidays. I’m not the greatest cook, but if you can guide me step by step, I can do it.

  10. So this video was like 4 years ago. Curious as to how much weight you lost. I did this diet back in 06, i lost 50 lbs. I was very strict with the diet, did cardio and worked my butt off. Your food choice looks great. Hoe did the diet go for you? Hoe much did you lose and have you kept it off since the video?

  11. You mentioned posting the recipes. Turnip fries, mini cheesecakes, and chocolate mousse PLEASE.
    Thank you for the great ideas

  12. I lost sixty pounds in eight months following the Atkins Diet. I’ve been on every diet ever invented and Atkins was the only time I ever lost the weight. Bear in mind you will have to restrict carbs somewhat for the rest of your life. The minute I allowed carbs back into my diet I starting gaining again.

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