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  1. Love your videos, I just found your channel. Okay, I just started on my low carb diet. What do you eat when you want something sweet. That is my biggest problem on my diet so far. Today, for instance I have had a ribeye steak and a piece of sharp cheddar cheese. So any help you can give is most appreciated.

  2. @lakegirl645 you can get those Jello packs at walmart that are sugar free they are zero carbs Hope this helps you out.

  3. Those Jello packs are awesome! They really help me when im craving something sweet and they have zero carbs. Ive lost nearly 60 pounds from 255 down to 197 and im trying to get down between 180-190. After that ill eat less carbs and processed foods something more akin to the Paleo Diet.

  4. Bullshit! I’m gonna do what I want! Girl, you crack me up! I’m following your tips! You keep me motivated!

  5. I typically have chewing gum. It’s zero carbs. and it keeps me busy when I get distracted or think I am hungry. 

  6. You are such a great inspiration to me! I love your personality and your sass! I think i want more of that I my life lol i just subscribed:)

  7. Love it! Thank you!! I lost 80n lbs years ago doing Atkins and have gained almost 20 back… needed some inspiration and support and found it here! Thanks again!! 🙂

  8. Omg your creamer comment… That has me SUPER concerned… I am so glad I found your video. I love how up beat but real you are. Thank you for this.

  9. Hi there, I love you, your attitude.  I am hoping you have not left youtube forever, I am in my 40’s and have always struggled with my weight since I had kids but in 2014 I started losing weight like crazy for no reason…lost about 90lbs, it was overactive thyroid.  What a blessing I thought it was but not for long ended up it raises your blood pressure and I had an aneurysm in my brain I didn’t know about and one morning it blew a hole and I had to have emergency surgery and was in a coma for a few weeks.  Thanks to God I lived through it.  Now I am taking pills for the thyroid and my weight just piled back on within months….I kid you not all the 90lbs back in less than a year.  I am not underactive thyroid which is common for a person taking the drug I am taking and my doctor said a good low carb diet is the best way to lose Thyroid weight.  Your videos are inspiring and so helpful, sad you have not made one in so long.

  10. Good for you! Tell off those nay-sayers. You Obviously know what you’re doing. I won’t give up my coffee & creamer either. Liked, subscribed, look forward to more 😉

    1. Tina M thank you so much. I have had a lot negatives these more recent years. Along with some health issues and personal life. But the good new is for 2018 I’m going to re-event myself for 2018 I’ll be posting videos each week. Yes I’m going back to the Atkins low carb lifestyle. I’ll be posting a video this evening of what i been up to these past few days

  11. If you keep “doing what you want” then sweetie you aren’t doing Atkins — you are just doing what you want

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