Atkins Diet Recipes: Low Carb Shrimp Scampi (IF) 2022

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In partnership with FaveDiets () dish website, my daughter has taken over the video camera as soon as again to be the sole dish vlogger. She likes a lot more than I do, and she wanted to do a version of this Olive Garden favorite of hers. This is definitely Induction friendly and is extremely basic to prepare. She was performed in the cooking area within 10 minutes from beginning.

Some options for how to serve this dish would be the fried rice (Italian-style), with sprinkle of Parmesan cheese, plain, or on top of Dreamfield's pasta. If you have some favorites, let me referred to as Tasha is currently preparing her next dish in front of the electronic camera.

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Active ingredients:
1 TBS Olive Oil
Half Stick Butter
1 TBS Minced Garlic
8 oz of Large (41-60 per pound).
Dash Salt.
Rush Black Pepper.
Dash Oregano.
Rush Basil.

Nutrition Info: (2 serving).
250 Calories; 20g Fat, 1.7 g Carbohydrates, 16g Protein (per serving).

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( IF = Induction Friendly).
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Atkins Diet : Low Carb Shrimp Scampi (IF)

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  1. @Beautifulmom073 No problem – she loves to be in front of the camera and takes like a natural in front of the camera. Thanks for watching!

  2. Perfect day for this to come out…it’s my birthday tonight, and this will be my birthday dinner. I’ve been wanting to make this forever. Thanks!

  3. This recipe looks wonderful and your daughter does a great job of presenting it. Am heading to the store to get the ingredients as soon as I am done with work today. Can’t wait to try it.

  4. @colocyclegirl It was super simple and the shrimp were even on special this week. I think this was only like $1.50 to make for two people, so if you’re on a budget this would work as well. Let me know how you like it…

  5. @meshkat19 You still hold the title so far. My daughter while she appreciates my low carb cooking still eats high carb meals too. I wish I was that smart when I was 18. I could saved myself years of doing the wrong things.

    I’ll try to get her involved with another seafood recipe soon.

  6. @vida130 I’ll pass that along to her. She always loves the reaction she gets from these videos, and it is an easy way to get her to make supper. 🙂

  7. it’s also great with spaghetti squash! and it’s IF…as long as you use about a cup of squash (10 carbs per cup)

  8. Thank you for the recipe! I’m on OWL and haven’t yet tried any of the low carb pastas because I still have alot of weight to lose. I switched to OWL to make it abit easier on me to continue for a way of life. Are those pastas really ok and low carb to use? If I do try them I plan to only have it on occasion.

  9. Great recipe.. I made some last night. Try adding Paprika to the shrimp as they rest after cooking. Great flavor that I stole from a Red Lobster recipe.

  10. @devon662002 That’s a good suggestion. I’ll have my daughter try that next time she makes shrimp scampi. Thanks for watching!

  11. I cooked this for my family for supper this evening………… was absolutely delicious. No leftovers, completely devoured!!!!! Good Good Good!!!

  12. @pamsi65 Thanks for the feed back! It is always great to know others love your cooking as much as we do. My daughter did a fantastic job with this dish.

  13. I’ve been making something similar to this since last year. Something I add in a little splash of Byrne Dairy Heavy Whipping Cream (theirs is 0 sugar/carbs). Then I grate in some fresh parmesan cheese, as I notice that a lot of companies have starch added to pre-bagged shredded cheese. Makes it nice and creamy with the cheese flavor, for when I do have small portions of pasta!

  14. i so cant wait to try this. my cookbook is filling up fast. one thing (and im sure you know this) but for the folks who want to stay away from pasta, use spaghetti squash as your noodle instead.

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