Atkins Diet Recipes: Awesome Broccoli Casserole (IF) 2022

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In partnership with FaveDiets () dish, I wanted to produce another good side salad to have with your entrée or main course. In some cases side meals are the simplest ones for me to fall into a rut cooking, and much like your main dishes require a little creativity, your side dishes do too. I pondered putting bacon in this dish, however I believed some may think I was addicted to the things. You can select on your own if you want to include chopped bacon or not.

Active ingredients:
1 cup Mayo
4 oz Cream Cheese
1/4 cup Heavy Cream
1/2 little onion, sliced
1 egg, beaten
2 Bunches
8 oz Cheddar Cheese, shredded
Salt/Pepper to taste
1/4 tsp of Paprika
Makes 10 Portions.

Nutrition Details (per Serving):.
295 Calories, 27.3 g Fat, 6g Total Carbs (1.5 g Fiber), 7.3 g Protein.

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( IF) = .
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: Awesome Broccoli (IF)

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  1. I favorited it..looks great! Can’t wait to make it:) I love dishes that my hubby (on Atkins) & the whole family can enjoy:)

  2. @SkinnySnowAngel Actually when you are cooking with real good foods, it’s hard to come up with a bad recipe. Sometimes I have to work to make it the best recipe I can, but most times you just think about how you used to cook items. Then you ask yourself what would be a good low carb equivalent. I used to make a similar recipe as this with cream of chicken / mushroom soup.

  3. @DebriahPatterson You are very welcome. I am happy to share my recipes and hopefully make others starting the diet experience easier than mine.

  4. @mrsmommy81 I agree. When my kids like the same dish that I do, I know I have a hit. Sometimes their old prejudices kick in with vegetable dishes, but everyone liked this one.

  5. @justgranny45 No problem — if I can’t share my meals with my online friends (either by potlucks or eating together), I can at least share the recipes. 😀

  6. Made this last night. Oh so delicious, by far the best side dish I have had since starting the Atkins diet. Thanks a million!

  7. @scott231us 7 years on Atkins now and still at goal. In total I have lost over 190 pounds and down over 200 pounds from my maximum weight.

    PS – I am glad I could share these recipes with you guys…

  8. Thanks for the recipes! Do you a place where I could just print them out? By the way, I LOVE your barbecue
    sauce recipe…it is awesome!

  9. Thanks for the feedback — it is nice to know people appreciate the videos and the work that goes into making them. I spent the day working on improving the lighting and sound in the videos, so they may be even better in the future.

    I hear some of the books are already shipping for Volume 2, so you may get yours sooner than the end of August too.

  10. I ate about a cup cooked when it was done.. Do you think that is a reasonable serving size? Also, if you ate this for one meal, what would you normally eat for your other meals to get your 20 carbs?? It was amazing btw..

  11. This question may have been asked but how many carbs do you think this entire recipe has in total? Thank you for all your recipes btw!! You ROCK!!!

  12. Depending on big your bunches of broccoli are, there are roughly 8-10 servings, so for the entire recipe, there are 36-45g net carbs. Just glad I could be there for you…

  13. Hey Kent! Thanks for all the videos. I have lost 120lbs by staying at about 20 net carbs a day. I wanted to share a recipe with you that has helped me. It’s cheap and easy and very low carb (if you read your mayo label) IF coleslaw. Get a bag of prepared coleslaw (shredded cabbage) then make the dressing: (I don’t measure, I just do to taste) mayonnaise, a bit of brown mustard, celery seed, onion and garlic powder, powdered Splenda, salt and pepper and cider vinegar. I once grated in some real parmesan cheese and it was delicious! Before you mix in the slaw, taste the dressing to see if you like the flavors. If you leave it over night, the cabbage releases some water and softens a bit but it can be eaten right away. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of difference in the carb count on whether you go for the carrot and red cabbage type of plain shredded cabbage. There are a few carbs but it’s a good side dish or snack. Plus cruciferous vegetables like cabbage are supposed to be helpful against cancer

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