Atkins Diet Recipe: Low Carb Faux Mac N’ Cheese (IF) 2022

I revealed a change in my YouTube channel in this video. I am now planning to release two videos a week if possible (not taking a trip)– one brand-new video and one other video (redone old on new devices, product review, instructional video, or just merely a vlog or commentary). I have a backlog of new dish ideas that must last till April or Might. Let me know what you believe in the comments.

One of the most significant problems for new low carbers is what to couple with their main course, Many times, they'll end up defaulting to lettuce salads or just veggies with butter.By having a rough chop of the , the objective is to have the texture of macaroni in this meal and an excellent taste from the cheese sauce. My kids love this dish a lot, and frequently I have to make a double batch if I want to have any.

16 oz
4 oz cream cheese
4 oz sharp cheddar cheese
4 oz colby jack cheese
2 tbsp heavy cream
1 tsp minced garlic
6 pieces bacon
1/4 cup green onion
1 tsp chicken bouillon
1/2 tsp black pepper
Makes 8+ Servings.

Nutrition Info per Serving (half cup).
196 Calories, 16g Fat, 5g Total Carbohydrates (1.4 g Fiber), 9.7 g Protein.

( IF) = .

Update: I know some have actually asked where I am and why have not I been posting videos lately. My job has been busier than I expected since publishing the video, and sadly the plans for more videos deviated the opposite method. Having three high schoolers likewise has actually demanded more of my time, and some things needed to alter or be eliminated. I am still around however not in social networks as much anymore. You can still find me on Facebook (Kent Altena). Thanks for all your friendship over the years and wished to want you the best!
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Recipe: Low Carb Faux Mac N' Cheese (IF)

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  1. Looking forward to your two recipes a week, we always enjoy your videos.  You’ve been such an inspiration to my husband and I.  We’ve lost a combined 180 pounds in the last 10 months and both feel better than we have in years.  So thank you for the great information and encouragement!  Know that you have been a real blessing to our little family!

    1. That is simply fantastic success stories for the both of you.  I am honored to have helped in any way I could.  It’s because of people like you that I do these videos.  Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Thanks Kent for posting these videos. I’ve watched several and I might survive this diet after all! 
    🙂 Erin

  3. Howdy, Kent!

    I like the two-video idea! I’d love to see some of your older material re-done with your new, higher production values, and I’m very thankful that you’re producing new recipes!

    BTW, the Atkins Diet Product reviews you’ve been doing are interesting also. I’ve been curious that, where you are, they seem to have different frozen meals in the stores than they do out here (unless Atkins is sending them to you for promotional purposes, that is).

    I haven’t seen any of the ones you’ve reviewed in the stores here. They have a selection of them that is entirely different. I wonder if they’re test marketing different meals in different regions or otherwise doing region-specific marketing.

    I *wish* they’d bring back their pasta, bagels, and pizza!

    1. I think these frozen foods are some of the new released that they just did over Christmas time. They may not be country-wide yet in distribution.  Some I have only seen Wal-mart in this area, so even in the same town, they don’t have complete distribution.

      I don’t think based upon my reviews, I will be getting any promotional packages any time soon.  I also feel a little squishy about promotional things as I’d rather have the freedom to be honest about it. 

      Thanks, @Jimmy Akin!  BTW – congrats on your weight loss success.

  4. YES!  Love the idea of the 2 videos per week.  Thanks for all the recipes and information.  I still make your chicken salad recipe quite often since I can have it handy for a quick meal and easy to take to work for lunch.  I’m definitely going to try this one this weekend.

    1. Always love to hear that I provided a recipe that keeps giving over and over.  I hope you like this one as much as you did the chicken salad recipe.

    2. Have you tried warming up your mac n cheese recipe in the microwave?  I was wondering how it would do with making extra and keeping in the fridge and then warming up later.

    3. @Brandi Dressler Yes, it served as my daughter’s and wife’s lunch the next day, and they said it was just as good,    It holds up very well to being refrigerated at least for one day as that is all it has lasted in my house.

  5. Thanks Kent! I’m getting back with low carb today after being off track since November. I’m planning on making this tonight for dinner. Yum! 🙂

    1. Welcome back @Aimee Howard! I hope it turned out well for you.  Start getting those recipes ready and prepared for your weight loss journey.  The wagon is always here for you to hop back on.

  6. Oh YUM! This is definitely something I will be keeping in my new diet! It is very delicious and filling. My hubby is enjoying it too

    1. Thanks I love to hear that feedback, and now hopefully my schedule settles down to enable me to get back to video production.  I have been traveling quite a bit.

  7. Hi Kent!   Good to see you back. The old videos are fine.  You get the recipe and the idea; the quality isn’t quite as important in my opinion. I would rather see more new recipes!

  8. Great job as always. Love your videos. Great to have more videos too. I just planned a week of menus. YAY!!

  9. Just found your channel. This looks so delicious. Excited to try new things with my atkins diet. Starting to get tired of eating the same thing over and over again. Thanks for sharing these recipes I definitely look forward to more of them!!!!

  10. Have been following your videos for some time now and have to say how great the sound quality and camera work is now. A lavalier mike makes all the difference. Well done and I look forward to seeing more great inspirational recipes.

  11. Sir, you are a genius, I have started the diet, got the book by Dr. Westman… was trying to follow his meal planner, but I keep needing to buy all of this ingredients… your idea is so simple!

  12. Hi Kent, just wanted to say we miss you..and can’t wait to see more videos from you. Your amazing, and we sure appreciate all the work you put into making all the videos that you have. God bless

  13. I just want to say thank you for sharing your recipes. I just started the low carb lifestyle and you make life so much easier for me.

  14. This is the best low carb meal I have tried so far. It was delicious! We broiled some extra cheese on the top of ours in the oven. It was to die for.

  15. I’m in my second week of Atkins, this looks delicious!!!!!!!  I’m going to have to try it, thank you.

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