Atkins Diet Phase 1 Results: 2-Week Results on Atkins 2022

Today I will be showing you my Diet plan phase 1. I have actually been doing Atkins for 2 weeks, and I'm delighted to share with you how it has actually been going!

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Hi! My name is Lori, and I am a mommy living in small-town Nebraska. I am married to Lee and have 3 kids. My child is 22, and I have 2 children aged 20 and 11. I work part-time and go to school part-time. I thought it would be fun to have a blog site, to share my adventures through life, and perhaps be able to affect or help individuals in some way.


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This is my personal experience and might not be for everybody. I share what worked for me, and it may not work the exact same for you. Please do your own research before doing what I advise or share in my videos. Please seek medical recommendations, as I am not a professional. Thank you.

: 2-Week Results on Atkins

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  1. I’m so proud of you, girl! You are doing amazing 🙌 I clicked so fast when I saw your video lol I noticed the same thing with my hunger and cravings. One of my favorite meals when I eat out is grilled nuggets, a side salad, and half a package of avocado lime dressing from Chick- fil-A. The dressing is calorie dense, but almost no carbs, and it’s delicious.

    1. Awwww…..thank you! I’ve been wondering how you are doing. I don’t have a lot of choices in my small town, so I’ve gone to BK or Runza (a Nebraska thing). Those no bun cheeseburgers are surprisingly good!

    2. @Lori’s Journey I’m doing well. I need to do an update video this week. All three of our kids at home are down with strep. We’re going on day five now 😭 so I haven’t been able to film yet. I love bunless cheese burgers!

  2. well done lori xx I have also started atkins after failed attempts at keto. I don’t have scales but can see a difference in how my clothes fit already, how I feel (more energy), and my appetite has diminished too xxx

    1. That is wonderful!!! I’m glad to hear you’re having success at it. If you’d like to share any tips, go ahead and comment on any video. 😊

  3. I liked the picture because it was really obvious that your hips and thighs were slimmer 🙂
    I just started back on the Atkins diet Friday, January 17 and I’m already feeling better and have greater energy; eating proteins does that for me.

    1. Good Afternoon Lori, hope your day is going well. Yes, I am already feeling better and very thankful for the boost in energy and I’m actually feeling happier emotionally. I have discovered that whenever I lower my carb intake and increase my proteins that I feel better overall. I pray the very best for both of us and look forward to your updates.

  4. I am needing to start due to my arthritis and thyroid plus fibromyalgia. Doctors say to go on low carb and sugar. I am wanting to learn from others. Thank you for being online.

    1. You are very welcome! I figured if I was looking, others were too. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer and help.

  5. I started my Atkins with 5 hard boiled eggs a day . No salt on them and I drank water all day . After week 1 I lost 10 lbs . It was worth it .

    1. Lori’s Journey do you have to give up diet pop? I was under the impression that diet drinks were permissible.

    2. Edwin, diet drinks are permitted. However, when I drink pop too often it makes me sick. Also, the ingredients in diet pop has been discovered to be wose than regular pop. That being said, there are some better options. I’ve bought some Zevia pop that is made with Stevia.

      I can’t seem to get away from ice cream. So I found a couple of alternatives, like Halo Top. I know it’s not great, but it’s a better choice.

      So if you’re drinking diet pop and still losing, great! Find what works for you. Dr Atkins said in his original book in 1972 that diet pop is allowed, but make sure to check the carb count. If you find your progress stalling, he suggested cutting back.

      I hope that helps!

  6. Hello thank you for the motivation. I started the Atkins 7 day ago and have lost 5 pounds . I struggle with which diet I should do, keto or atkins. Please let us know why you chose Atkins and not keto , they are very similar . Thanks

    1. I had a couple of reasons. I was really looking into keto, and the whole idea of having to use test strips to stay in ketosis really bothered me. I was going to try it, though. I was talking to a friend at church, and she said that Atkins would be a much better option. I remembered that I had done Atkins before many years ago.

      I went to a doctor a couple weeks later to re-evaluate the medication I’m on, and I started talking to her. She had mentioned that people have much better luck with Atkins. She said that keto is so restricted, that if people fall off track, they quit. With Atkins, there is some “leniency ” and people jump back on after having some bad days.

      I’m not against keto. But I didn’t want to have to constantly worry about if I’m in ketosis or not. I have enough to worry about without that!!!

      I hope that helps. I’m glad you’re here. I hope we can do this low carb thing together, no matter which way you choose. 😊

    2. Lori’s Journey the information was very helpful, I agree with you. I tried keto and it was harder than Atkins. I started 9 day ago and love it. Their new tracker makes it so much easier to count daily carbs which helps me to stay on track.

  7. Thank you Lori for sharing with us all. I’m going to start this same diet and was wondering how it’s working for others. I quit smoking 2 yrs ago (may 29th) and I gained so much weight. I need to lose 75 pound and I know it will be a slow battle. I bake everyday, this will end! lol 🙂 I will continue to follow you, keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you so much! This is exactly why I started making these videos. I hope that we can do this together. I would love for you to let me know how it goes. Btw congrats on quitting smoking!!! That’s a hard battle. My birthday is May 27. Lol

  8. Hello, I came across your video after searching YouTube because I’m going to start my Atkins diet tomorrow and I need some inspiration since this is my 4th time doing this diet. Let me first start of by saying that Atkins has different variations of the diet but the original one is the 1972 version that many celebrities do. This is the diet that Dr. Atkins talked about in his original book. In this book Dr. Atkins explains how to stay on phase 1 for at least 2 weeks or until your 15lbs away from your goal weight before your go to phase 2 of the diet. Another thing is the original diet only allowed 5-10 carbs per day, NOT net carbs. Please be careful when using a different variation of this diet only counting NET carbs. The Atkins 1972 or the original Atkins suggest you intake no more than 5 carbs a day, drink a lot of water and stay away from caffeine! When I first done the diet back in 2004 I ate zero carbs a day and stayed on the diet until I reached near my goal weight. I started out at 188lbs and ended at 133lbs. I lost 22.5lbs the first 4 weeks(month) on being on the diet and than I lost around 14-16lbs every month after that . After having my baby in 2006 I started the diet again and started out at 206lbs and ended at 138lbs. I lost 22lbs the first 4 weeks(month) and 14-16lbs every month following. I started the diet again in 2012 and started at 260lbs and ended at 195lbs. I lost 23lbs the first month and around 14lbs every month after that. Let me also state that I drank lots of water, I NEVER drank coffee or any diet drinks with caffeine. I tried to stay away from Crystal light and Wyler because they have phenylalanine in them. I would eat pork ribs that I would season with a Lawry’s meat rub, pork chops, ground beef, steak, baked chicken, sugar free jello. The typical Meat, Cheese and Eggs. I was also careful about eating cheese because most cheese have carbs in it, so I would always look at the nutrition facts of everything I purchase making sure that they contained “0” carbs…. on the other hand, I absolutely love this diet. I have fast results but you have to make eating healthy a life style, as you see my weight has been up and down because of poor eating habits after finishing these diets in the past. I’m finally fed up with eating Popeyes and McDonald’s and I want to now start on my journey after Atkins with actually doing what Dr.Atkins says to do in his book, which is to slowly bring in healthy carbs like, dark green veggies into my diet once I’m in Phase 2 of the diet. I would also use the ketosis test trips to check my ketone levels and I noticed after 2-3 weeks My test results were in the dark purple or 80-160mg/dL . I notice how I was loosing about a half a pound a day! Anyways, hopefully this variation of this diet is working for you and I hope you stay motivated on it and don’t give up!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience!!! In reading the book, I noticed he never talked about net carbs. I am just starting this week and have really done well so far. Dr Atkins really wanted people to know that this is a lifestyle. The book included a lot of solid medical information about why this works, and I think that’s the push I needed.

      I agree about Crystal Light. I haven’t had one in years because it would give me weird side effects like dizziness. I really just drink water and iced coffee now, with an occasional Pepsi once in awhile.

      I really hope you stick around. I would love for you to share your experiences as we do this. I’m not a quitter, so I will keep at it. ❤

    2. Lori’s Journey , yes I will try to track my progress and keep at it. I will try to post something on YouTube before the end of the year to share my results. …Keep at it and don’t give up. ****Also I wanted to say be careful intaking caffeine, I think it slows the weight loss process.

    3. That’s good to know! I try not to have my iced coffee every day, but I will definitely watch for that.

  9. Thank u so much for posting …I just started low carb about 5 days..I’m in ketosis. I bought the Atkins 2002? book and plan to follow step 1 for a little while…

    1. That is great!!! I’m not sure which book that is, but I believe any changes for the better is amazing. Keep coming back and let me know your progress. I will be updating soon. 😊

  10. Hi Lori: I’m in Calgary and interested in how you’re doing. I have an 11 year old grandson who is overweight and gaining. I believe Atkins has the answer. I understand the Atkins principles. I would love to hear from you. Not sure where you live. If you could reply with your progress it would be great to hear back with feedback. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi, Jim! I will tell you that you really have to be dedicated to get the results you want. I would highly suggest taking your grandson to the doctor first to get a physical, and let them know you’re planning on changing your diet. It would also be great if you can do it together!

      Since this video came out, I had some real struggles sticking with the program. About 2 months ago, I read Dr. Atkins original book, and I have really been doing well. I basically started out with meats (any kind) and salads. I have a few other items like cheese, etc. I’m really doing well on this.

      I’m planning to do another video about this, but I will share with you that I’m starting to add in more vegetables now. My plan is to take it slow. I’m not a fan of restrictive diets, but this has really been working for me. The thing is, when you first start it can be super hard to fight those cravings. As I’ve gotten into it, I do better. I find things that I allow myself during those times, and I also have low-carb options for everything that I might crave.

      I live in a small town in Nebraska, so it’s hard to find a lot of specialty items in my local grocery store. I usually either wait til I can make it to the capital city, or order items online. I would suggest to stick with meat (beef, pork, chicken, any other meats you like) and a salad to start out. If that feels boring, then add a few other things. Dr. Atkins book lays it all out for you, and I can get you a link if you’d like for Amazon.

  11. I’m starting Adkins diet with my dad starting tomorrow (day after thanksgiving)
    So I’m looking up lots of stuff because when I was at the store I realized how many things have carbs. This is going to be a hard journey but I’m prepared!!

    1. @Hassaan Zafar I still sometimes do adkins but now I’m more focused on counting calories.
      I got this app called LoseIt! And I really recommend it because it keeps track of your calories when you put your food in and it has a really kind social community.
      Also remember to drink a crazy amount of water. You’re supposed to drink half your body weight for it to actually help you lose weight.
      Also doing a home workout even if it’s just for ten minutes really helps you lose weight.
      I guess that’s all the tips I can think of.
      The Adkins diet if that’s what you’re only doing you have to remember it’s not for everyone and it may take a bit to figure what’s good for your body.

  12. I’ve lost over 60 pounds with Atkins. It really works!
    Thanks for sharing your story. Looking forward to seeing more videos!

    1. @Lori’s Journey My freshman year of college, I really started to gain weight. I was eating fast food three times, daily.

      I’m 5’1. On a shorter body, the weight can really starts to show, in the “problem areas”. At my heaviest, I weighed 205. The day I stepped on the scale, I decided to make a change.

      I wanted a diet that worked quickly, but still allowed me to have savory foods. This is how I found Atkins.

      At first, it was hard because I would go through cycles of following the diet, cheating, then beating myself up about it.

      When I was following the diet and working out, I lost a significant amount of weight. It took me about two years to get to 130 pounds.

      Through quarantine, I did put some weight back on. This time around, I was done beating myself up, and more determined to become healthy vs. skinny.

    2. @ashley hebert thank you so much for sharing your experience!!! I totally understand how it’s hard to stick with at times. I always tell myself to get back on the horse and keep doing the best that I can do. We always have a new day to start over again. 🙂

  13. Just finished the egg fast now I’m starting the atkins microwavable diet lol wish me luck

    1. I’ve never heard of the egg fast. I love doing Atkins because I am not limited to certain foods or “have to” eat certain things either. 🙂

  14. Started dirty keto about 3 months ago. Losing about 6 lbs per month. Going to try stricter keto/Atkins. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I am looking to start this soon. I would like to lose 50 to 60 pounds. I have tried Atkins before but never went past a week on it. I was very young too. I am ready to do this now. Do you think 60 pounds is doable on Atkins?

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