A Week On the Atkins Diet DAY 1 2022

A brand name brand-new Week On starts with among the most well-known diet plans … Atkins!

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A Week On the Atkins Diet DAY 1

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  1. Yayyyyy! I’m doing a carb reduced diet as well! Down 20 lbs and hoping for some new meal ideas haha.

  2. Can you please do “A Week on” for Basil? Gorgeous boy deserves it.
    Nice tinned cat food, luxury beds, cat toys and a magnum sized bag of catnip.
    Pretty please Mike?

    1. @Azza M I mean the idea is cute and all, but I just wouldn’t watch it and I know many people like Basil but they would most likely do the same

    2. @Roisin Smart Plus the poor little sod would hate all the attention. He can’t even with the camera after 30 seconds and people are asking Mike to make him do a week on.

    3. As much as I’d like to see a Week On featuring Basil, I don’t think the kitty would like it much. Not only do most cats find interruptions in their daily routine, food and environment stressful, Basil has clearly demonstrated that he’s not a fan of being on camera. I do agree that he is adorable and it’s always a pleasure to see him. Perhaps the rare glimpses are better? 🙂

  3. can you do a week on american classic food, or a week on different countries cuisne like a week on french food or a week on spanish food etc x please

  4. What about a week on “Just add water” items
    Pot noodles, porridge pots, dried stuff, black tea/coffee etc.

    1. Cathy Mitchell removed her name from it. It’s now called ‘Ramen Noodle Recipes’ but it looks nearly identical, it’s from a publisher called ‘pil’ (I own a copy)

  5. The cauliflower and chicken looked really good! You’re going to get me interested in trying some of this diet stuff now.

    1. He did do that fad wine diet from the 1960’s, if I remember right, from a women’s magazine. A few years back.
      So, that’s one of the ingredients you’re requesting 🙂

  6. I would love to see a week on Low Fod-Map diet, kind of on the elimination end, a lot of IBS sufferers find it good for gut health, would be fun to watch your experience with it 😀

  7. I have also found spreadable butter to be almost too slippery to be able to adhere to a knife, making the transition to spreading activity almost impossible.

  8. I’d really love to see you do a week on Home Bargains / B&M Bargains …. only buying food from there and nowhere else- would be intrigued to see what you think of the quality of their refrigerated stuff especially!

  9. I lost 12 kg in 1 month with atkins phase 1 . From 65 kg to 41 kg now . Maintainance phase more struggle than P1/P2 😅 . Almost 3years with atkins 🙂

  10. starting atkins the right way tomorrow lol. ive half tushed it. you are hilarious. i LOVE this video. when you said to your cat, looks like you’re melting hahahah i dont think you liked that muffin lmao..your face ! haha. cant wait to watch your other videos on atkins.

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